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  • 06/22/17--04:01: Men on Marriage: Episode 490
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    Question to discuss:

    What do you do when your personal convictions clash with the expectations society puts on you? How have you attempted to be in the world but not of it?

    Roundtable: Are Men Motivated by Marriage?

    There’s a lot of talk in the church and beyond about a woman’s desire for marriage and family. But what about the single men? Is marriage motivating for them? And what influence does choosing to marry and then making it happen have on their journey to maturity?

    The post Men on Marriage: Episode 490 appeared first on Boundless Blog.

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    Dating can be so awkward.

    Does anyone really enjoy the dating process? I suppose some folks may enjoy the thrill of the chase, over and over again, but most of the Christian singles I know would rather meet their person, make a commitment and settle down…like, tomorrow. Unfortunately, relationships don’t work that way. Dating is a necessary step on the journey toward marriage.

    So, unless you want to stare at each other for four minutes and, poof!, fall in love (yes, this is truly a method, and yes, I would try it!), we’ve got to be willing to put ourselves out there and get to know people who exhibit marriage potential.

    The post How to Have a Great First Date appeared first on Boundless Blog.

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  • 07/27/17--04:00: Judge and Jury: Episode 495
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    Question to discuss:

    When and in what ways are you most likely to judge others?

    Roundtable: Sure Signs You’re Judging Others

    The last thing we want to do is judge others, right? Isn’t that so, well, narrow-minded? When it devalues them as people, yes. But it doesn’t mean we don’t hold strong convictions. How do we stand for what we believe and correct others appropriately while still loving them as God loves them?

    The post Judge and Jury: Episode 495 appeared first on Boundless Blog.

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    Our culture has many competing voices attempting to define your life. Your job, your looks, your race, your relationship status — do these things really make you who you are? As a Christian, should they? If any of the items on this list disappeared or changed, what would you be left with?

    Relationship Status

    Sometimes I feel like I’m singled out (get it?) as most of my friends are married with children. Singleness becomes a badge I wear that other singles look at with relief because they’re not alone, while family members point to and discuss it during holiday meals.

    The post 10 Things That Don’t Define You appeared first on Boundless Blog.

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  • 08/22/17--04:18: The Problem of Porn
  • I recently stumbled onto porn.

    Scrolling through Twitter one night led to seeing a video I wasn’t expecting to find. It had been almost two decades since I’d last encountered porn. In fact, I only remember three prior exposures, all before adulthood. It wasn’t arousing. It was sad.

    Porn’s accessibility and widespread reach deeply grieves my heart. I’m sad for addicted young adults who desire freedom but can’t quit turning toward their “drug” of choice for a fix.

    The post The Problem of Porn appeared first on Boundless Blog.

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    Despite what I thought going into it, the most frustrating moments in my marriage aren’t the tough discussions about finances, future plans and holiday arrangements.

    While my husband and I certainly have our share of disagreements, it’s the squabbles of everyday life that wear me down — the times when my husband and I just miss the mark on communicating and understanding what the other is trying to say.

    As a newlywed, I assumed those interactions would get better over time if we just kept doing what we were doing.

    The post A Tool I Wish I’d Had Before I Married My Husband appeared first on Boundless Blog.

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    Close relationships require sacrifice, compromise and humility. If you’re unwilling to give much of yourself for another person, to get hurt, to give up some of your wants and consider their needs and not just your own, you probably shouldn’t be in a relationship at all. However, though relationships require give and take, there are some things you shouldn’t completely give up for the other person.

    Emotional Needs

    One of our married Boundless writers, Suzanne Hadley Gosselin, comments that she and her husband share the love language of quality time and are intentional about getting a babysitter so they can connect.

    The post 7 Things You Shouldn’t Sacrifice for a Relationship appeared first on Boundless Blog.

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  • 09/28/17--10:45: Pornography of the Heart
  • Though the highway is the quickest way home from the city, I often wind through downtown because I like to see it bustling. I like to see people all dressed up for their evening plans, smiling and having fun. My eyes linger on the beautiful women and the couples walking hand in hand. It makes me feel something. I see beauty. I see life. If I’m honest, I feel a twinge of longing.

    My choice to drive through the city in search of beauty isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    The post Pornography of the Heart appeared first on Boundless Blog.

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    When I was in my 20s and single, I moved to a new town. I found a church and shared my desire to get involved in a small group. I was immediately assigned to the church’s singles small group.

    I vividly remember walking each week past a lively, multi-generational Sunday school class to join a tiny group of socially awkward misfits. I felt like I was being sent to time-out in the corner (we literally met in a corner) or banned to the “kids table” at Thanksgiving, unable to participate in adult conversation.

    The post 6 Characteristics of a Healthy Singles Ministry appeared first on Boundless Blog.

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    Listen to this week’s show!

    Join the discussion:

    Comment below and tell us about the worst dating tactic you’ve ever experienced (or executed…no judgment here!). What did you learn from that?

    Roundtable: Pathetically Passive Dating Tactics

    In case your current relationship doesn’t work out, is it OK to “cushion” (keep a “side” guy or girl in the picture)? What about  “breadcrumbing” (stringing along someone you’re not interested in) in case your feelings change someday? Have you ever been “ghosted” (had someone suddenly stop talking to you without an explanation)?

    The post Cushions, Bread and Ghosts: Episode 505 appeared first on Boundless Blog.

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  • 10/10/17--04:14: How to Reject Someone
  • A few years ago, a really nice guy was interested in me. At the time, I was getting over someone else, so was oblivious until his attention became obvious with gifts and invitations to events. I knew this guy was kind and would probably make a great boyfriend, but, being in an emotionally unstable place because of the past relationship. my feelings were a jumbled mess. Did I like him in that way? Could I like him in that way?

    The post How to Reject Someone appeared first on Boundless Blog.

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  • 10/18/17--04:01: Equality and Action Figures
  • “Whoa! I didn’t know you were a nerd!”

    I’ve heard that statement more times than you might imagine, and, yes, it’s true. I am a nerd. But not one of those pocket-protector nerdy nerds. I’m a cool nerd.

    When you walk into my office, you’ll notice typical office-y things until you turn a corner and see my collection of action figures. Protecting my work space is an assembly of earth’s mightiest heroes: an army of 12” plastic replicas of Marvel’s Avengers, Superman and Batman — and somehow a Ninja Turtle snuck in to join the team.

    The post Equality and Action Figures appeared first on Boundless Blog.

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